El Segundo’s Bursting with Nelson Sauvin

El Segundo Brewing Co.

Bursted single hop series Nelson Sauvin IPA

About the Bursted Series:
 “Bursted” Single Hop Series – which will be IPAs hopped
 with a single hop varietal. Traditionally beers are 
 bittered by adding relatively small amounts of hop at 
 the beginning of the boil – this results in the firm 
 bitterness that IPA fiends have come to love. 
 A somewhat newer approach often referred to as “bursting”
 employs the technique of adding huge amounts of hops very
 late in the boil, or even after the kettle has been turned
 off. The large volume gives ample bitterness – and the 
 added bonus of MASSIVE flavor components. 
 This series is all about exploring what each hop adds to 
 both the bitterness and the flavor of the beer when employed
 only in late additions with no early additions. 
 The malt bill will remain consistent throughout the series,
 and we promise you.. it won’t get in the way.
 Release #6 begins with Nelson Sauvin.

Breaking Down the Mash

Nose: Bright pine, light earth, hints of tropical fruit with a very easy dankness. The Nose is quite a prominent and note-worthy feature in this sample.

Segundo IPA

El Segundo Brewing Co. offers Nelson Sauvin IPA

 Appearance: Brilliantly clear and deep straw to yellow in color. Strong lasting white head.
Mouthfeel: Light to even possibly thin, carbonation good.

Flavor:Medium firm well rounded bitterness. Overall the tropical and pine notes from nose are not present in the flavor and if anything the earthiness quaffs off pallet and up through nose. After initial hoppy sip the bitterness drys the sides of tongue and upper pallet. Very light if any semblance to grapes or sauvignon blanc. Generally presents a defined but not assertive bitterness on the earthy side of flavor.



Pours clear and clean!

Overall Impression: Not a very memorable IPA for IPAs sake, but as to be expected with single hopped beers it is lacking dimension but that

Nelson Sauvin


isn’t exactly the point of this ale. The point is to showcase the Nelson Sauvin variety, and a fun fact for this brewer/blogger, its all just late addition hopping.

To start  this sample Sauvin lends more of an earth flavor profile and the notes of fruit, goosberry, grapes or white wine are essentially absent. The nose of this lightly malted pale ale really is a high point which showcases more of what we have come to expect from this hop. In this example the nose of pine and fruit are very nice and the bitterness, while one dimensional is not offensive or coarse. This is a solidly brewed light pale ale that opens the gateway to the Nelson hop if you have not had much experience with it. Give it a shot and share a bomber with a friend!


Found locally at Bakersfield Beer Co.

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Bursted Series Play Book

YHC Hop Data

Brewery Bursted Data

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